Cyber Bullies…

I assumed when I started my blogs and my YouTube channel there would be people that don’t like me or don’t like what I do. I prepared myself for that. What I wasn’t prepared for was the following of hate on my social media accounts as well as my YouTube channel. I won’t really get into what is going on and what was said to me and about me. What I will say is, to those of you out there who may be dealing with the same issues I am. The best thing you can do for yourself is be yourself. The negative comments initially started on my YouTube channel and I politely responded. As well as a few of my viewers. Who I appreciate so greatly for sticking up for me. The world needs more people who stick up for others. I thought it was all over until 5 am eastern time. When I saw that not only did this person contact me directly on my business facebook page. She again began her rants of how horrible my videos are and how much of a designer she is. Basically telling me to use the net better… I say to all the people who follow my blog and don’t like it. Don’t follow it. For those who don’t like my YouTube videos, don’t watch them. For those who don’t like me in general, guess what you don’t have to. One thing about me that I have learned in my almost 40 years of life, is that I was born to be me and no one else. I will continue to follow my dreams and goals and not let those cyber bullies and haters damper my mood.

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