My Daughter’s Latest Obsession, LOL Dolls!

Hey ya’ll,

I am pretty sure I’m not the only one this year who has a Christmas list with
L.O.L Surprise dolls on them. For the last month, my sweet baby girl has been pressing me to buy them every time we go to the store. Well in our house we tell the kids at the end of September any toys they want. It needs to go on their Christmas list. Now if you are anything like me you know they are going to sell out. Last year I was unable to find any until mid Spring. So to eliminate having to argue with my daughter after this Christmas is over, I took the initiative to not wait and started stocking up on them early. And since Amazon has become my go-to spot for pretty much everything I want for the kids lately. That is the exact place I have been stocking up on them. Only because the last time I went to the store I could barely find any. I had no clue those little dolls were that popular. My bad!!!!! so if you don’t want to be like me check out a few I found on Amazon blow.

~Nika xoxo
P.S. I have been secretly asking her which ones are best to purchase

One is the eye spy series

Glitter Glam Series (I think because I like glitter)


Next on my list to purchase:

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