Pamper Time…


Hello all my lovely people out there..

I have been going through so much emotional stress as well as sickness lately I’m just not feeling my best. Being a mother of 7 doesn’t help either, trying to run a business, this blog, working on another book, preparing my first book to be published as an ebook, and two YouTube channels can add to my stress as well. For my birthday which was June 28th I received a $10 coupon from Victoria Secret that led me to purchase the two fragrances you see pictured. The smell absolutely wonderful. The nail polishes pictured were purchased from Meijer regular price on them was $4.19 and I had $3.00 off coupons on top of their b1g1 50% off. The wrap bracelet came from Henri Bendel this I purchased during a sale they had which made it half off. For me it doesn’t take much to make me happy and it allows me to pamper myself when I am having a bad day or just need a moment to take care of me. Now there are other things I do to give myself that, “me time” but this is one I chose to share. Everyone out there rather you are a parent or not, should always take the time out to treat yourself. Do something for you to help eliminate all the stresses of the day.

Friday’s are usually date night for me and my husband and believe me I look forward to those moments. We need that time to be just Nika & Greg even if it’s just for a ride around the corner. I’ve learned over the years that time alone with the spouse as well as time alone with yourself should be a priority. Without it feelings of resentment, anger and depression will start to evolve. Once that happens smaller problems become big and out of control. Sometimes leading to regret of the life you are living.┬áMy advice would be to always take a moment for yourself, even if its something small.


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