Getting Healthy and Losing Weight!

Okay all, so I went to the doctor today and it seems the 31 pounds I have gained over the past few years is causing me to have more health problems than expected. So not only do I need to lose weight one of my doctors has put me on a high vegetarian low fat diet. Which my primary care physician told me about a year ago I need to go on a low fat diet. Though, I didn’t listen. Now it seems I am causing myself more harm than good. So here it goes…. I am going to tell you where I started, where I am and where I want to be.

Even after having 7 children I always maintained a weight between my lowest 98 lbs and highest 110 lbs, which most people thought was still too small. I am only 5’3″ so technically I was within my range. After my last baby I weighed between 112 lbs -120 lbs which was great though I still wanted to be fit and not flabby. Ok so most of you know in 2010 I had a huge health tragedy and nearly died. Which after a week in the hospital I came out way small than I went in. Fast forward 2 years I slowly started gaining weight and not really understanding why. Well it all came to me that some of it was due to medication the rest of it was due to poor diet. See when I worked prior to the tragedy I barely ate because life was just too busy plus I was more active. Being forced by my health to be a stay at home mom turned my kitchen into a playground for me. Hence… weight gain. And constant trips to the store to buy as much chocolate and snacks as I pleased. And though through that time I have consistently tried to diet and eat healthy. I relapsed so many times. Which leaves me to weighing in at 151 lbs right now. Well in most cases that is not really all that heavy. Lets remember I am 5’3″ tall. On top of that I only have around 68-70 percent lung function right now due to the tragedy in late 2010 paired with knee pains, and a few other issues that will turn into a book if I keep writing.

So in my case the weight gain is actually not a good thing. Now, I’m not trying to be super small like I was in prior years I feel 120 is a safe weight for me. I won’t be too skinny which has also caused me issues when I was under 120. And I won’t be too big. To me that is the just right weight. So if there are any of you out there that would like to follow me on this journey I created a DietBet just click the link below if you want to join me and get healthy while shedding some pounds along the way.