FitTea Review!


So I decided to jump on the FitTea band wagon and I will tell you what I think about it. So I have purchased an over the counter ┬áslimming tea product previously. So what do I think of FitTea I honestly can say I don’t think it works for me. In comparison to the over the counter tea I purchased. I say it comes in dead last. When I drink the FitTea it tastes great and smells good. I make it the same way I made my slimming tea. Well what the FitTea claims is not the what happens. It makes me urinate a great deal but something in it makes my body swell and it doesn’t help me lose weight or curb my appetite.

My over the counter slimming tea. Well when I drink it I feel great, it not only gets the water weight off of me it helps stay regular. If you know what I mean. It also helps to curb my appetite. Now this doesn’t help me lose weight either but it does completely detox me.

So what do I think overall with both teas? I don’t think there is some magic tea to help you lose weight but if you need a detox tea I would say in my case my over the counter Slimming Tea I purchased a Meijer for $4.99 is a heck of a lot better to me than the $25 I paid for the FitTea. That is just my opinion. I think with any healthy eating plan and exercise anyone can get down to the weight they want. I know my doctors have been telling me for my health its better for me to get on a high vegetarian low fat diet, (of which I have ignored) if I follow that plan I will lose the weight I need and want to and maintain a healthier life. With walking I plan to do since it’s getting nice here in Michigan. I will be well on my way to losing this 30 pounds I have gained being a stay-at-home mom these last 5 years.