Dollar Tree Haul November 2017

When it comes to making simple DIY’s for the holiday’s the first place I stop is Dollar Tree. They always have the simple items I need and best of all they are only $1. So I can always get more than I would at a big box store. Below is just some of the items I purchased for my upcoming holiday DIY’s.

~Nika xoxo

Pop Fit Clothing Review

Hey Everyone,
I know a lot of you are true to Fabletics and yeah I use to be too. However, when I come across another company it doesn’t hurt to try them out. I came across Pop Fit clothing and decided to try them out and yes, I like them. To me the quality of their items are great. No, they don’t have as many options as Fabletics. Nor, do you get a complete outfit either. However, you do get a great price for what I feel is quality Athletic Wear.

~Nika xox