Riddle Me This…..

As you all know, or maybe you don’t I am working on my second novel. And no its not yet the sequel to Genevieve. I am working on a novel that is in a whole new genre and more of a worldly realm. The question is, there are too many distraction. All around me is noise, noise, noise. My thought is to get the first chapter going. Once I do that then I know the creative juices will flow fabulously. It’s just getting there, for all of you writers I know you can relate to what I’m talking about. Do I leave home and go somewhere quiet? Impossible because I am feeling like crap today and I already went out once. Do I scream at everyone in the house and tell them “Hey I’m trying to work!” This normally isn’t a problem for me to work around the noise but the issue is I need this first chapter to be the capture chapter. If you aren’t intrigued in chapter one, you won’t be intrigued throughout….

Help Me!!!!

-Nika xoxo