My Health Is Ruining My Holiday Spirit!

Ok so if you follow my blog or my YouTube channel, or even if you know me personally. You know I deal with a great deal of health issues on a regular basis. One to which is low white blood count levels which cause me to catch any type of infection that comes in the house. I’ve already gotten to the point where I don’t like leaving the house for fear of coming in contact with someone who may be ill or carrying a virus. I am cautious of who comes to the house for fear they may be ill or again carrying a virus. All of this leads to what I have been dealing with these last few days.The last time I felt this was the beginning of the school year. What am I feeling you ask?

Well the more air I try to put into my lungs (inhalers) the less I feel like I am getting out. I have taken 2 breathing treatments so far today along with both my inhalers. None of my other remedies I normally use are working for me today. On top of that after every breathing treatment my body becomes really shaky. My heart is breaking because all I want to do is be able to get up and do the things I use to do 5 years ago with my children. I feel like such a loser sometimes because I spend more time down and sick than I am up and functioning. I know I have to take advantage of my the good days. Which I do, I would just rather have more good days than bad….

I am trying my best to maintain my holiday spirit. I am getting really excited when I think about how happy the children are going to be on Christmas day. That makes my spirits extremely high and really that is all that should matter to me. However I had so many plans for craft projects, sewing projects and cooking recipes I wanted to do with the family for my blog and YouTube channel. The problem is I feel like I am letting so many people down because I just haven’t been well enough to do any of it.