Girl Scout Cookie Time!


It’s that time of year again. Girl Scout Cookie time. I am willing to put forth the effort to make sure my daughter makes her goals. I am posting on my blog to see if anyone is interested in ordering from her this year. Though some of you may live in other states. I will ship the cookies to you. Orders are due January 18th and delivery to me will be January 28th and I will be shipping as soon as I get them. I accept paypal so there are ways you can order from my daughter and she will be so grateful. Thank you in advance. You can send me a message and we can discuss ordering. You will receive a receipt for all your orders.


Savannah Smiles $4
Trefoils – $4
Do-si-dos – $4
Samoas – $4
Tagalongs – $4
Thin Mint (Vegan) – $4
**NEW** S’Mores – $5.50
Toffee-Tastic (Gluten Free) – $5.50

~Nika~ xoxo