This Michigan Weather

First off I want to say, I hate the cold lets just put it bluntly. I have lived in Michigan my entire life. Yes! One would say I should be use to it. However, I can never get use to the cold weather EVER!!! A few days last week it was very nice and starting to get up in the 60’s. Oh boy was I loving it. Today though 46, yes 46 degrees. The sun is shinning but it is still cold. I want to start getting out there and walking. So that I can start walking away some of these pounds I packed on these last 5 years. Ugh! I can’t wait until May when I go to Georgia for my nieces graduation. It’s nothing better than my visits to Georgia for me. It’s been a while since I traveled there anyway.

So if by chance any of you live in a warm state or a state that has warmer weather than me let me know. I can live vicariously through you.

-Nika xoxo

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