Kidpik Unboxing |April 2019

Hey Everyone,

As you all know I love the Kidpik subscription box for Autumn. They have the most trendiest clothes for girls. Since we joined in 2017 Autumn and I have loved everything she received. We have not returned 1 item. They are spot on when it comes to her style and likes. Which is really hard when shopping for her. I have gotten stuff wrong so many times. Ha ha ha! To see what came in Autumn’s Kidpik subscription box this month watch her unboxing and tryon video below. ~Nika xoxo

Autumn’s Fall Kidpik Unboxing & Tryon!

Hello Everyone,

We absolutely love Kidpik. The items that get delivered to Autumn fit her style so well. Not to mention the prices and the quality make mom and dad happy. I definitely recommend Kidpik for any little girl. They have subscription boxes that can come every month or seasonal which is the one Autumn receives. And if you like you can choose to receive 2 boxes with the particular subscription you choose. If you are interested and to get $15 off your first order click here Try Kidpik
~Nika xoxo