DIY: Picture Board Tutorial


What you will need:

Poster Board
Decorative Duct tape
Glue Gun


I cut my poster board to 11.5 x 16

Lets get started…


Start by placing strips of the decorative duct tape across the poster board.


This is what your poster board should look like once you have placed enough of your decorative strips on the poster board.


I also placed a few strips around the back to make it look cleaner and neater from the front.


Now take your your ribbon and start by placing it diagnolly on your board. Place more strips as desired.


This is what mine looked like once I was finished. I also took some small pieces of the duct tape and placed it on tip of the ribbon that hung over the back of the board. To secure it a bit more.

And finally…



I hope you like this project. This can also be done with fabric and elastic as well. I made a hairbow holder which is similar to this. For that I used fabric instead of duct tape. Send me photos if you make this and they could possibly end up on the site so others can have alternative ideas to my make one of their own.

-Nika xoxo