Yoga Waistband Tutorial!

This tutorial is a request I had from one of my viewers. There is also a link to my circle skirt tutorial in this video

Some of my favorite knit fabrics:
Solid Colors:
Light Ocean Blue 60” Solid Stretch Scuba Knit Fabric

Cotton Jersey Knit Solid Black Fabric By The Yard

Cotton Jersey Knit Solid Charcoal Grey Fabric By The Yard

Fuchsia 60” Solid Stretch Scuba Knit Fabric

Bolt By Girl Charlee Pure Vintage Jersey Knit Feathers Multi Fabric By The Yard

Art Gallery Skopelos Jersey Knit Paparounes Crimson Fabric By The Yard

Cotton Jersey Knit Nautical Anchors White/Sky Blue Fabric By The Yard

1/2″ Royal and White Stripe Rayon Jersey Knit Fabric, Fabric by the Yard – 1 Yard

When things don’t go as planned…

This weekend I had everything planned out. Since Genevieve was finally finished and published. I wanted to start working on my sewing projects. Well the tables turned dramatically for me. If you watch my YouTube videos you know I deal with medical issues that cause me to get sick at the drop of a dime. Well, last month towards the last three weeks and into October I have been on and off antibiotics. I was well for a good 3-4 days and thought things were turning around for me. No such luck! 🙁 Well being sick has definitely changed what I wanted to do next. Even making me feel slightly depressed. I just sometimes feel I will never accomplish my goals. This isn’t the case. Though I would have liked to start working on my sewing projects I can start working on my next book. This will hold me over until I’am better. Times do get hard for me. Often more times than not that doesn’t mean I have to stop completely. I just simply alter the plan.

“Never stop working on your dreams just alter the plan”

Take Chances!

So many things have gone on in our lives the last few years. What I’ve learned is; some things are out of life’s control. My life has been a world wind of ups and downs and back around again. Though through those times. I’ve learned to take chances. I use to be so afraid of what could happen, what wouldn’t happen or how others would feel. However, I can tell you nearly losing your life can change all of that. Nothing can open your eyes more than waking up from something you were supposed to die from. Through the last 4 1/2 years I stop being afraid of what could be or what might be and I have learned to just go with it. From my blog to my YouTube channel to writing my books. I have learned that I will never know what can be if I don’t try. I stop doubting myself and just go with it. One thing I know for sure you never know what can happen unless you try.

I decided from that moment I left the hospital 4 1/2 year ago. If something is meant to be; it will be. With the support of my husband and my children I have learned to take chances. Greatest decision in my life! So I say to you…. Take a chance!