Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hello Everyone,

This year I am super behind getting my mother a gift for Mother’s Day. I usually have a plan in mind but, it’s becoming hard to get her something that I haven’t gotten her already. See, I am the type of person that loves to give not only personalized gifts. But also gifts that I haven’t purchased for her already. My mother is very gracious and will appreciate anything I get for her. With that being said I picked up a few items from Target that I know she will love. I’ve also thrown in a set of bracelets and a journal to jot down her thoughts. Below, I share with you the items I purchased in this weeks video for her.

Share with me in the comments some things you purchased for your mom.

Halloween College Treat Care Package

Even though one of our sons is away in college. Doesn’t mean we can’t still give him Halloween Treats. I thought it would be nice to send him this sweet bowl of treats. He will definitely love it and best of all he can use the bowl for food when he eats all the candy. lol!

~Nika xoxo

DIY: Fabric Box

For today’s post I wanted to share with you a easy craft. DIY: fabric box, this is an easy project that can be decorated with your favorite fabrics and accents.

What you Need:
Glue Gun
Decorative Accents
Tissue Paper

What you want to do now is take your fabric and wrap it around the box. What I did once I figured out where I wanted the fabric placed. I put a dab of glue to hold it. Next I started pulling the fabric around the sides of the box and cut where I needed to. For me it was easier to start with the top of the box first. I used scrap fabric I had laying around the house. Once I glued the fabric all around the bottom part of the box. I then started pulling the fabric over the top part of the box. Gluing as I went along. It can be a little tricky but if you take your time it will turn out great. Don’t mind any overlapping you may have with the fabric you can over it with the fabric you place on the inside of the box.


Now its time to place fabric on the inside. I used a fat quarter for the inside fabric and started gluing just like I did with the outer fabric.


The zebra print fabric on the inside is the fat quarter I used. If you can tell I didn’t use fabric on the bottom inside. I thought the tissue paper would be a nice effect. I did glue the tissue paper a little bit to keep it in place. Once the box was all done I put the items I purchased for my daughter’s teacher inside, along with a card and there you have it. A nice decorative box. With a flower accent I purchased at the dollar store to go on top of the outside of the box. Easy fun and personal. Which to me are the best types of gifts to receive.


-Nika xoxo


DIY Decorative Candle Holder!


What You Need:

Candle Holder (I used a glad candle)
Mod Podge or any type of glue
Paint Brush
Rhinestones or other decorations
Flat back decorations


Tape off the part of the holder you don’t want glitter on.


Paint on glue all around the holder.


Now sprinkle the glitter onto the holder all over the glue you put on in the previous step. Once you have all the glitter covering the glue. Let dry. Tap off any excess glitter once dry.


Now place another layer of glue over the glitter to seal it. Let dry.


Once its dry roughly a few hours later. Take the tape off and place rhinestones or other decorations as desired. I used the rhinestone mesh and a flatback pearl decoration. Many variations of this DIY project can be done.