DIY Decorative Candle Holder!


What You Need:

Candle Holder (I used a glad candle)
Mod Podge or any type of glue
Paint Brush
Rhinestones or other decorations
Flat back decorations


Tape off the part of the holder you don’t want glitter on.


Paint on glue all around the holder.


Now sprinkle the glitter onto the holder all over the glue you put on in the previous step. Once you have all the glitter covering the glue. Let dry. Tap off any excess glitter once dry.


Now place another layer of glue over the glitter to seal it. Let dry.


Once its dry roughly a few hours later. Take the tape off and place rhinestones or other decorations as desired. I used the rhinestone mesh and a flatback pearl decoration. Many variations of this DIY project can be done.

DIY Holiday Wreath

What you are going to need:

Glue gun
Ribbon (I used 1″ & 7/8″ ribbon)
Cut the ribbon into 24+ 36″ strips (I used satin, organza and grosgrain)
Flatback pearls or other decorations
Fabric Stiffen


Here are my 36″ strips cut I made extra just in case


Take your needle and sew a running stitch like shown above all the way to the end of the ribbon.


I pulled the ribbon to start the flower as I kept sewing along the running stitch

20151114_181546941_iOS 20151114_182240151_iOSOnce you are to the end pull to form a flower. When you pull the thread the ribbon will form a circle on its own.

Note: (if the ribbon turns the wrong way as you’re pulling it simply turn it the right way and keep forming the circle.)


I took my needle through the ribbon several times along the inner circle to make sure it was extra tight and secure.

Now you want to follow the first 3 steps until all the flowers are formed.


I used several different colors


Take a 36″ strip of ribbon tie in a knot at the top for hanging


Now you want to begin placing the flowers. I started at the knot. I used hot glue to hold them together (you can sew them instead). Continue until you form a circle. Once you have all of the flowers placed like you want them. I completed mine with some flatback pearls and then I used some fabric stiffen that I purchased at Michael’s. You can purchase it from any hobby store. And….