DIY: Unicorn Birthday Invitations!

DIY Unicorn Birthday Invitations

What you will need:

Paper Trimmer
Paint – I used pigment paint
Vinyl or stencil
Washi Tape
Pencil to trace

First things first, I cut the cardstock into 5×5 cm pieces. Of course, you can cut them into the sizes that fit your needs. Prior to cutting my cardstock, I created a design on my Silhouette Cameo for the unicorn face.

If you don’t have a
Silhouette Cameo cutter or equivalent you can probably just print the stencil from a piece of paper or actual stencil.











Once I did that I traced the face on the card stock using the stencil. Then I traced the ears and horn with a mechanical pencil (not that it makes a difference). After that, I placed the flower stickers right between the ears under the horn. I then colored the ears and horns and began putting the rest of the information like Autumn’s name, age and other important information on the invitations. As well as the washi tape.

I found the metallic washi tape online but you can purchase it anywhere. I thought the scalloped tape looked better on the side. While the patterned green tape looked better on the bottom. Now on to the next step.

The final step is placing the polka dots on the invitation with the paint. I like the mix of pink and aqua green colors. The final result is:

I think it turned out good. Next time I will not hand write the information. I will more than likely use my printer or the pens that came with my Silhouette Cameo. I see a few flaws but, Autumn loved them and couldn’t wait to pass them out to her friends. To me, her happiness is all that matters.


~Nika xoxo



Last Minute Valentine (For Kids!)

Valentine Butterfly!
finished butterfly


To make this cute little personalized Valentine Card you need a stencil to trace.

butterfly stencil


I found a half silhouette online using Google. I just took a white piece of paper and traced directly on my computer screen. After that I folded my paper in half traced and cute around the traced butterfly half wing.

whole butterfly

Once I unfolded the butterfly this is what it looks like. I drew a heart on each wing then wrote the name of the child it was going to. The children in the class along with the teacher. For my daughters Valentine’s Day party. To finish it off…

finished butterfly

I added a lollipop to give it that extra effect. This project can be modified for any type of holiday or event.