Firmoo Glasses Review

Hello Everyone,

Today I bring to you a review I did on a pair of glasses from They are an online company you can order prescription glasses and lens or simply reading glasses. This is a company I am happy to recommend to all of you. I have several children in my home who wears glasses and its nothing like one of them breaking a pair and having to spend well over $200 to replace them. After coming across this online company, I am happy that I can now order a spare pair of glasses for my children. Without spending a great deal of money on them. Check out my video below as well if you are interested, go check them out they are running a special offer right now.

$4.95 a pair for new customers Here (frame+ standard lens, Limited Quota)

~Nika xoxo

Dollar Tree Haul November 2017

When it comes to making simple DIY’s for the holiday’s the first place I stop is Dollar Tree. They always have the simple items I need and best of all they are only $1. So I can always get more than I would at a big box store. Below is just some of the items I purchased for my upcoming holiday DIY’s.

~Nika xoxo

Fab Fit Fun Unboxing | Fall 2017

Hello Everyone,

So this is my second box this year and I have to say I should have never stopped my subscription. I am so pleased with everything in my box. Below is a list of everything inside. As well as a video of my showing you the items. I love it and I think you will too. I recommend Fab Fit Fun to everyone. Get $10 off your first box Click Here!

Mer-Sea Scarf Retail Price: $98
Trestique Lip Palm Crayon Retail Price: $28
Private Party Denim Gym Bag Retail Price: $59
Deco Miami Lavendar Cuticle Oil Retail Price: $12.50
Whish Renewing Mud Mask Retail Price: $48
DP Hue Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Retail Price $35
IMM Living Jewelry Holder Retail Price: $33
myTagalongs Hot/Cold Pack Retail Price: $15
Jet Set Diaries Beanie Retail Price: $49
Cottonelle Cloths (10 pack)


In life there are always changes. Changes in weather, changes in jobs, changing within the family. Sometimes those changes can be difficult. Often times changes can also be against our will. Not something we want but something someone else has done for us. Well, I will be making changes to what I sell, how I sell and where I sell my items. I did the who Etsy store for a while. Yeah, it worked. However, it didn’t give me the traction I was looking for. Although I had orders and people inquiring. I felt like I wanted more. I made sure I had eye-catching images, detailed description and I always made sure to respond as fast as possible to my customers. I felt like I was putting in so much work and not getting half of that back in return. I spent a lot of time with myself going over what I thought the issue could be. What I came up with was… Etsy is saturated with people selling the same things I was selling. I love Etsy and I think they are a great place for people to get started. I just feel like they don’t work for me anymore, especially where I want to be with my small business. Or better yet for the items, I want to sell. Now I am not saying I will never use Etsy again. Just at this point, I feel like I need to venture on and see where the new plan takes me.

With all that being said. I will be selling new items in my new store. I have a few ideas in mind where I plan to open that online store as well as a few ideas of different items to sell. Most custom made items still but then there will be items I don’t make. I want to change the age range I am selling for as well. So if you are a customer of mine from Etsy you will see my shop is on vacation right now. So if you bear with me I will still be selling just not on Etsy.

If I find that Etsy is the best place for me I will go back to it. However, I have to try my new venture with my new products and see where it takes me. Change can be bad and change can be good. For me though, I hope this change turns out for the better.

~Nika xoxo

Camping Haul & Tips!

When I think of camping, I think of camping outdoors. Not this time. When Autumn and I went camping with Girl Scouts this year and last. We had dorms which housed cabins with bunk beds, showers, indoor toilets and of course heat/AC. This is not always the case for campers. Either way here is a video with some items and tips that may help you on your camping trip this year. Comment and let me know how you camp!

-Nika xoxo