Rest Day…

I’ve decided to take a mental rest day. Being a mother, wife, friend, small business owner, and volunteer. Can be a lot to handle at times. Especially when everything is coming at you all at once. In my life, I tend to take on more than I should without giving myself time to rest or reset. Which in turn causes me to deal with a great amount of stress. Too much stress has led my anxiety to be in full force. Dealing with anxiety and being manic depressive is enough in itself. But when fuel continues to be added to the flame, a great explosion is waiting to erupt. I don’t want this to happen, though I feel it coming on. Something definitely needs to change. I can’t stop being a mother or many of the other hats I tend to wear. So I have to make a change for myself. If only for a day.

Do you find that you feel the same way?
Do you find yourself saying you need to catch up on sleep? ( Which will never happen)
Do you find yourself being everything to everybody every day?

I suggest you do the same thing I plan to do. Take a rest day. Just one day a month or a week when you forget about the housework. Forget about running all those errands. Let the laundry go for a day. Don’t respond to text and useless phone calls. One thing you will never be able to do is to catch up on sleep. That will never happen. However, you can take a day to de-stress, unwind, clear your mind and just let go.

Rather you choose to sleep, watch tv, go to a spa, window shop or just do absolutely nothing. Do it. For your mental clarity and sanity. We all need to just take a day to rest then start up again tomorrow.

Your body and mind will thank you.

~Nika xoxo