Stop Bullying!

Today I finally get the courage to talk about what my sweet baby girl has been dealing with at school. My heart bleeds for her so badly. The bullying became so bad she was physically and emotionally sick from it. She began to have a real fear of going to school. There was geniune feeling of hopelessness in her. Her desire to go to school had completely diminished. There were times I would find her crying in th closet because these individuals were being so cruel towards her. Finally, after feeling hopeless myself I sent out an email reaching out one last time to th teachers pleeding for thier help. With th final straw being if things don’t change her father and I would pull her out of school to homeschool her. Thank heavens we have a resolution and she feels a bit safer this week. And there is a plan in place if the bullying starts up again.

Bullying is never okay and if your child is suffering do whatever you can to help them. There are books available as well as helplines. The video below explains in full what she has gone through.

Creative Kitchen Junior Chef!

Hello Everyone,

This is rather late but I wanted to share it anyway. For those of you who don’t know. My little Autumn Raine loves cooking. For her birthday one of the items on her list was cooking utensils. So, when my mother-in-law called to find out what she wanted I told her, and so we have the Creative¬†Kitchen Junior Chef Kit which Autumn loves. Below you will find her showing you everything that came in her kit.

~Nika xoxo

We purchased her’s from Amazon if you’re¬†interested in ordering one for your little chef.