American School In Paris

American School in Paris

Founded in 1946, accredited by CIS school. With teachings in lower, middle and upper school. Ranging from ages 3-18 years with approximately 800 students. The school is a private non-profit, co-ed, diverse establishment. Offering an American diploma in AP and IBD. Boasts a rigorous curriculum teaching such things as multiple languages, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership and much more. It has strong parent-teacher communication connections. That welcomes parents to be a part of their child’s educational learning process. Great school for mobile families and is located in a welcoming suburban location.

Teachers are knowledgeable and continue to expand on that knowledge by exploring 21st Century technologies. With a great love for teaching their faculty has a great mentoring relationship with the students. Teachers goals are to make sure students have the skills and knowledge they need for the future. The student life is warm and welcoming. Very family oriented making the students feel like they are right at home. There are other aspects of student life that focus not just on education, arts, and athletics. But, focus on, “strengthening personal excellence as global citizens.” Helping students develop their interests at all skill levels.

Arts and Athletics at ASP are offered for lower, middle, and upper schools. The art programs offer; Visual Arts, Theater and Music as well as Digital Film Making. With accommodations to fit the needs of all skill levels. At the Lower School, athletics offer soccer and basketball. Middle School athletics offer volleyball, cross country, soccer, basketball, softball, and track & field. Junior Varsity and Varsity teams travel to compete with other schools in Europe. In such sports as cross country, swimming, and track & field.

This is a wonderful educational facility for mobile students and families. No matter how long a student attends ASP they will leave with skills and knowledge to carry them into the future.

For more information:
41 rue Pasteur 92210 Saint Cloud France
Tel: +33 (0)1 41 12 82 82
Fax: +33 (0)1 46 02 23 90
Website: International school in Paris

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