Christmas Tags Using Silhouette Cameo!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been working a lot lately with my Silhouette Cameo since I haven’t really been able to do the projects I’ve been wanting to do due to Chemo. It’s been really fun and almost therapeutic for me creating things. As well, Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday. This year I am making my own holiday cards, gift card holders as well as my own gift tags and labels. Below you will find my latest Youtube video showing you some of my gift tag labels I’ve made so far. I hope you like them and happy crafting!

~Nika xoxo

Pettiskirt Tutorial!

This has been a long-awaited video for a lot of my Youtube viewers. I also felt this would be a great video to share with all of you as well. Below you will find video instructions on how to put the pettiskirts together. As well I am also putting suggested measurements and step by step instructions below. I hope you all are satisfied. Let me know what you would like to see next.

~Nika xoxo

Spandex or
Satin about (1 1/2 yards)
Nylon chiffon about 3 yards – I purchase mine from
1-inch-wide ribbon & elastic
Iron-on interfacing (1 1/2 yards)
1-inch-wide ribbon in coordinating color
Sewing machine
Needle and thread

Cut 1 Spandex or Satin 7 1/2-by-48-inch rectangle
Iron-on interfacing: two 2-by-48-inch strips
Cut Nylon chiffon: six 3 1/2-by-46-inch strips; twelve 4 1/2-by-54-inch strips; enough lengths of 2 1/2-inch-wide strips to make 48 yards
Cut one 17-inch-long piece elastic
Cut two 18-inch-long pieces of 1-inch-wide ribbon
Iron a strip of interfacing to the wrong side of the spandex or satin rectangle along each long edge.
Fold the spandex or satin piece in half widthwise (to make a 7 1/2-by-24-inch rectangle), with right sides facing each other. Match edges and pin along short side.
Starting at one end of the pinned short side, sew a seam along the side for 2 inches and backstitch to secure.
Leave a 1 1/2-inch opening and begin sewing again to finish the edge, backstitching at both ends.
Flip the the waistband right side out and fold in half lengthwise by folding the top half in toward the center, matching the raw edges at the bottom. The fabric should be right side out on the inside and outside of the waistband. Press the fold and pin the raw edges.
Straight stitch all the way around the waistband, 1 1/4 inches down from the fold.
Straight stitch all the way around the waistband once more, 1 inch down from the first stitch line.
Sew three of the 3 1/2-inch-wide nylon chiffon pieces together, end to end, to make one long strip. Repeat to make a second strip.
Shirr along one long end of each strip.
Attach the shirred side of one strip to the outer bottom raw edge of the waistband. Repeat with the second shirred strip and the inside bottom raw edge of the waistband.
Sew 6 of the 4 1/2-inch-wide nylon chiffon pieces together to make a long strip. Repeat to make a second strip.
Shirr along one long end of each strip.
Attach the shirred side of one strip to the bottom edge of the outer first tier. Repeat with the second shirred strip and the bottom edge of the inner first tier.
Sew enough 2 1/2-inch strips of nylon chiffon together to make two 24-yard long strips.
Shirr these strips down the middle of the strip (not along an edge as before).
Pin the stitched line of the shirred strip to the bottom edge of the outer second tier, and sew in place along the stitched line.
Repeat with the second shirred strip on the bottom of the inner second tier.
Attach the 18-inch pieces of ribbon to each end of the elastic.
Attach a large safety pin to one end of the ribbon and feed through the waistband
Tie ribbon ends in a bow. Cut ribbon ends neatly to finish.

Finished My Room Organization!

Hello Y’all,

I am finally finished with the main part of my bedroom organization. Well at least my side of the room. I feel like I can better keep things organized now. Below is a video of me explaining how I did all of this. If you want me to do a tutorial on my nail polish holder let me know.

~Nika xoxo

Everything is the video & photos:
Foam Board I got from the dollar tree
Contact Paper – I got from Walmart
Drawer Cabinets – I ordered the cabinets from Michael’s
The Wood Shelf – I picked up at home depot
The drawer organizers – I made them from cereal boxes and contact paper

Craftville Heat Transfer Vinyl Review & Giveaway!

Hey Y’all,

Today’s video is a review I did for Craftville Heat Transfer Vinyl. I am also doing a giveaway and the link is below for that giveaway. Which is a 22 pack of 12″ x 10″ variety colors heat transfer vinyl. Make sure to enter for your chance to win. My overall review from this company is good. The weeding was easy, the vinyl feels really smooth and of good quality. It was also very easy to iron on to the shirt and didn’t take as much pressure as it takes me with other types of vinyl.

~Nika xoxo

Craftville Heat Transfer Vinyl

Crafteville Heat Transfer Vinyl Giveaway

Getting Organized | DIY Drawer Organizers

Hey Everyone,

I’m back and trying to get myself organized, (Very Slowly) starting with making drawer organizers. I used empty cereal boxes and the boxes from my kid’s snacks. They are so easy to make and are really cute.

~Nika xoxo

Items I used:
Empty cereal boxes & snack boxes
Decorative Duct Tape –
Contact Paper –

DIY Holiday Care Package!

This one is really special to me. I love packing care packages for my mom. She is not always able to get out and go get certain things she needs from the store. And of course, because I am a mom I have to pack her cozy socks, gloves, and a scarf. As stated in the video, when she opens the Christmas present she is going to cry. This is just an idea of what you can pack your loved ones over the Holiday season.

Nika xoxo