Am I the only one?

Okay, I know most of you out there have children that have already started school. My sister lives in Georgia and her children are back to school already. So as you all know I love my kids to pieces and would sacrifice my life to give them one. However, I feel like this has been one of the longest summers ever. My children do not go back to school until September 6. If you are like me with a ton of kids at home you know the pain is real. I feel like a small child when my husband comes home from work so excited. Yes to see him because he’s home, but mainly due to the children driving me insane all day.

The morning starts out wonderfully, mommy helping the younger children get their breakfast, laundry, cleaning you know the usual. Making my videos if needed and working on filling orders. Most of this time I only have one teen awake and chores done. Getting ready to leave the house to spend time with friends. Yeah the other two teens pretty much sleep until after 1 pm. What the heck it’s summer right. So the older children are out of the house one is nearly 23 and the other a sophomore in college. So around mid to late afternoon, those two little sweet angels of mine. My youngest two lovelies start in on each other. They have to argue, they have to be in charge, they have to bring me into the arguments. They are like a little old couple. Then oh no don’t let Kameron have a friend that is mutual friends with Autumn come over. Because then the jealous mean sister comes out. Mom tell Kam to play with me, I’m his sister. Then I have to say, “it’s ok for him to have friends besides you honey. He still loves you and you can play with him when they are gone.” So my poor son has trouble on his hands as they get older. I just feel sorry for his future girlfriend.

So that isn’t the end of it. Do you remember when I said I begin my day by cleaning. Well let me tell you why. Those two teens that I told you sleep all day. Well seems that they get up around 2 or 3 am eating and leaving the mess for someone else to clean. Turning every single light in the house on as well as the t.v.s and video games. Why? you may be asking. When you figure it out please let me know. No matter how many times I harp about the mess and the lights it never seems to work. So the only solution to my pain is for school to start. At least from the time the last two kids go to school until 2ish when the first two kids come home. I will have peace, quiet, a clean house with all the lights OFF.

Sad that after being a parent almost 23 years its the little things that satisfy me. It’s sad that all I want is a little peace, a clean house and low electricity bills. Well if you have as many kids as I do 6 boys and 1 daughter you will understand this post very well.

Until September 6th I will be in a house with children who argue, leave lights on, sleep until the afternoon, and talk until all I want to do is go in my room lock my door and wait for daddy to get home. Though I wish this I would never do this. I have to be a mom and just deal with it all and love my kids until the end. Which I do though sometimes I have to vent.

-Nika xoxo