How to Get Rewarded!

So you all know that when I find something that works and I like. I tend to share it out. Well while looking on the page of one of my followers on Instagram. I found this website she belonged to called Crowdtap! So I signed up and already I have earned 2 $5 electronic gift cards for Amazon. I have also received the items pictured below. 20160812_145145271_iOS
One of which is a bottle of Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer and the other is to host a Garnier party for 10 friends. Once you get the products you have to complete missions. This is fun and on those nights I can’t sleep it keeps me busy and I earn rewards and free products at the same time. I get nothing for telling you about this but the gratification of sharing with you how to get free items just by taking polls and completing missions.

I hope you try it for yourself

-Nika xoxo