Small Shopping Haul |Clothes & Crafts

Hello Everyone,

So the other day I had a mom’s day out. just to get some fresh air. During my time out, I did a small shopping haul. Mainly I just wanted to go to Michael’s to see if they had any $4 mystery boxes, unfortunately, they didn’t. While in the area I also stopped at TJ Maxx and Target. Which turned out better than my Michael’s run. In the video below are the items I purchased. Needless to say, I will have to catch Michael’s the next time they have the $4 boxes. Oh Well!! ~Nika xoxo

Small Target Haul!

I love shopping at Target, and finding these cute items at low prices is even better. No matter what I go to Target for I always end up finding stuff in the low-cost bins. I will be going back again to get more items for my Valentine’s Day crafts.

~Nika xoxo