DIY: Valentines Day Decoration Ideas!


These have become some of my favorite things to create. From the DIY Valentines Day cards to these decorations. I am just having fun with it. I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration. Make sure to leave a comment and let me know if you tried any of them. And if DIY isn’t for you can you always purchase your own.


Small Target Haul!

I love shopping at Target, and finding these cute items at low prices is even better. No matter what I go to Target for I always end up finding stuff in the low-cost bins. I will be going back again to get more items for my Valentine’s Day crafts.

~Nika xoxo

Last Minute Valentine (For Kids!)

Valentine Butterfly!
finished butterfly


To make this cute little personalized Valentine Card you need a stencil to trace.

butterfly stencil


I found a half silhouette online using Google. I just took a white piece of paper and traced directly on my computer screen. After that I folded my paper in half traced and cute around the traced butterfly half wing.

whole butterfly

Once I unfolded the butterfly this is what it looks like. I drew a heart on each wing then wrote the name of the child it was going to. The children in the class along with the teacher. For my daughters Valentine’s Day party. To finish it off…

finished butterfly

I added a lollipop to give it that extra effect. This project can be modified for any type of holiday or event.