Writing Again

Today I began setting up the outline for my new book. It’s been so long since writing Genevieve I began to get comfortable not writing at all. Besides updating my blog all my thoughts have been in my head. One thing I realized when I began laying out the bits and pieces of what the book will entail. My mind went back to school when I hated brainstorming. I know what you are thinking. Nika how can you write your books without brainstorming first. Well for me I always did things backward. I would start writing some of my chapters or bits of the end of my books and then I would brainstorm. When I wrote Genevieve I just started writing without a real plan in mind. Which is why I am not as proud of that piece as others are. From what I hear people loved reading it. So that makes me happy. The book I am working on now, though it is about pieces of my life. I still want it to have meaning and structure.

My advice to you. If you are getting started with a book and don’t know where to start. Brainstorming is the first thing you need to do. One thing that also helps me is getting a notebook, journal or loose leaf paper to write down tips, chapter changes, plot changes and so on. Honestly, some of you think this is my second book. It’s not. I have been writing my entire life. This will just be the second book I am allowing others to read.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have in starting your own book or other pieces of literary work. Happy writing!

~Nika xoxo

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