DIY: File Folder Organizer


So guys  I have tons of paper that comes in the house each week for the kids, mail, coupons etc. This has caused me to just have papers everywhere with no form of organization. Today I chose to change all that. I made my own file folder organizer. All I needed was decorative duct tape, file folders and scissors.



The way I decorated the file folder was simply taking the duct tape across leaving a slight overage to close the sides. Once I completely covered the folder. I added a few strips to the back left sides, spaced the folders out and taped them together so they were like one whole system. The last thing to do was to mount the folders to the wall. Instant, cheap file folders. Now all the correspondence I need to reference for later use or keep. Will be nicely filed away and off the floor.



I hope this post helps.

-Nika xoxo



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