Summertime Illness!


It’s no fun being ill during the summer. Especially on nice summer days where the sun is shining the pool is cool and other children are outside playing. Autumn has been sick all week and so have I. Unfortunately, due to both of our illnesses we have been unable to participate with anything other than the bed. Tips to keeping little ones happy while sick in bed during the summer.

Make sure to have plenty of popsicles, juices and water especially if they are unable to eat.

Find fun word games or card games that you can play with one another while in bed.

If you have a daughter and she is stable give bed manicures and pedicures

Have some plain paper, coloring books and crayons or markers handy.

If you or your child has a tablet or even on your cell phone let them watch movies. My little sweetie loves watching videos on YouTube

Make plans to do something fun once they are better.

If they are just too sick to participate in any of that. If possible make sure they remain cool. If your child is diuretic and vomiting my doctor suggests the B.R.A.T diet which is simply: bread, rice, apples or toast. No matter the age even adults keep Pedialyte in your home to replace the electrolytes and other nutrients loss due to diarreha and vomiting. For me my little one has been in my room all week. Which not only keeps both of us away from the rest of the family and our illness contained to one room. We are also comforting one another. Remember if things get too bad or last too long consult your physician or make a trip to urgent care or emergency room. Some things are out of parents control.


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