Two Weeks Later |Update on Dieting!

Okay, so things have been a little off and on with the dieting for the last two weeks. I can’t say that I have actually been doing the whole high vegetarian/low fat diet but I have cut down on the sweets. Not so much on the Coca Cola, its just to hard to give that up. Though I did set up the dietbet I canceled it because I don’t want people to feel pressured into getting healthy and losing some weight. So if you are going to take this journey with me. Lets just do it without pressure, without stress and without putting money on the line. With that being said I am giving myself until June 28th which is my birthday everyone to get down to 120 – 110. Now I got myself up to 157 lbs eating horribly wrong. To which I am utterly disappointed in myself. As I explained before mostly because of my medication, mainly because of poor eating habits.

Since I know I am limited to the types of exercises I can do, what I can do to exercise I plan to do. I am not going out buying thousands of dollars in equipment or running out to buy a gym membership. For what when I have YouTube which is free as well as cable and Amazon Prime which has some great low impact, high result workouts I can do which wont affect my physical health.

So when I started this journey I was 157 I am happy to say at my doctors appointment yesterday I weighed in at 155 and the only real thing I did differently was cut out sweets. This journey will not be easy and I may have a few relapses but this time considering my health is at risk. I am determined to not just lose weight but get healthier. Let’s get healthier together!

-Nika xoxoxo

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