Consistency is hard to do…

I talk about change a lot on here. Over the last 4 weeks so much has been going on in my life. I was doing good on my diet until situations happened with one of my children and I began stress eating for a week then the two weeks that followed that I stopped eating. Which lead to me ending my diet. I just recently started back up this week but unfortunately I’ve been sick and my appetite has again failed me. How? I don’t have one. The last few days my diet consists of eating vanilla ice cream, bananas and oranges when I can.

Along with diet change in my life, I am realizing that no matter how many followers I have on my blog, YouTube channel or Etsy shop. I need to keep things consistent. To constantly stay up to date with my videos, always post weekly on my blog when possible and no matter if I have one customer I need to maintain new items on my Etsy shop. Along with that I have decided to add another day to my YouTube channel. Something I wanted to do on my main channel since day one but never did. I want to play out things my husband and I go through as adults, my experiences growing up and what we deal with as parents. Little skits that put a funny spin on life. Because life isn’t always fair but sometimes I have to laugh through my pain. The things I share may be able to help others get through a hard time.

Now the things I go through with my health and as a parent along with everything else in my life. Makes it hard to be consistent. However, if I don’t try I am failing myself and others that look to me for support and guidance. I don’t want to let anyone down anymore. Especially myself.

-Nika xoxo

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